Great news:
1. The expansion of space of the site was successful. All photos and videos are available to the fullest.
2. The new cost of the password-pass will be $25 (The password itself has not changed).
3. The payment acceptance service is changed. Added other cryptocurrencies.
1. Our community is growing, file storage costs are increasing. In the near future access will be more expensive.
2. Another payment method will be added soon
3. In the coming days, the site may not be available due to a change of hosting.
Hello! My name is July, and this is my site JulyJailbait club
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I am an ordinary young girl who has a little secret ;)  I love young girls and boys :*
If you are visiting this website, then you, too, love them... Isn't it?
I have a collection of different photos and videos. Over 5 TB . And my collection is constantly growing.
Want to take a look? It's easy to arrange!
Only $ 25 you can buy access to my collection ;)
(direct  download photos and videos, forum+chat)

Last update 14.05.2019
Videos: 20 105     Photos: 299 942
Domain - no longer exists, be careful..
All logins and passwords are valid. There may be temporary problems due to the forced relocation.
Alternative address - julyjailbait
1. We have a complete collection "Polar lights".
2. Some information will be available through magnetlinks.
3. A little present - click
Great news:
1. Siberian mouse continues, new photos of Masha Babko - New Masha photos
More in our community.
Great news ho-ho-ho:
1. Christmas sale. 15 sets of access to the site - 25$ Have time to buy >>
2. .Added new videos and photos to the collections: "Stars & Stripes" and "WolfFire".
The Christmas sale is over, but the surprises continue.
New Asian Studio that shoots video in the format of "virtual reality" (VR). Several videos are already in our collection. "Sakura kiss studio"
Some information:
Some information about the nurse, from the "Stars & Stripes". She's a model Melissa, from "Lolita's Land". Proof>>

Say Hello to Masha Babko 2019. Video>>
1. Our collection has increased and now it is more than 5 TB
2. Our community is now available at JulyJailbait


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